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Welcome to Solar Control

We are a Houston based window tinting company. Here you will find out how you can improve your quality of life with a truly comprehensive glass improvement solution.

Solar Control Glass Tinting offers a variety of services including, window tinting, decorative tinting, and safety and security films for theft prevention and hurricane preparedness. We are  locally owned and operated and have been proudly serving the greater Houston and surrounding areas since 1997. We provide our customers with the highest quality window films with the most impressive performance and unmatched optical clarity. Fully insured and qualified for any job, big or small!
We promise each of our customers an outstanding installation and top-notch customer service by our friendly window film professionals. There is a reason why the owners of the most beautiful homes choose Solar Control Glass Tinting for solutions to many common problems including:

Hot Spots in the Home or Office
Glare on the Television, Floor, etc.
Excessive Electric Bills
Fading Furniture, Flooring and/or Merchandise
Criminal Intrusions
Windows Where Shutters and Blinds Won't Fit
Privacy Issue Windows
Hurricane Force Winds and Debris

How window film saves energy        
The movement or transfer of heat from a region of higher temperature to one of cooler temperature is called heat transfer. The transfer of heat always flows from hot to cold. No heat will transfer if there is no difference in temperature.
There are three types of heat transfer: Radiation, Conduction, and Convection. For window film, radiation is the most important method of heat transfer because it moves infrared waves. This is why we refer to solar energy as solar radiation.
Solar energy through a window is transferred or transmitted by infrared waves. Radiant energy is converted to heat when it strikes people or objects. If you block the transfer of this energy you keep it from turning into heat because it never strikes an object. Window film interrupts the transfer of this energy by reflecting the energy back.
Transmission is basically the percentage of Solar energy (UV + Visible Light + Near Infrared) that can passes through a window. Reflection is the ratio of solar energy reflected back to the source, expressed as a percentage. Absorption is the percentage of solar energy absorbed to that of the total solar energy.

Safety and Security Films
In the event of an accident, violent weather, or an explosion, flying glass shards can be dangerous even deadly. Safety films bond to glass and help hold broken fragments together, dramatically reducing the threat to life and limb.

In a hurricane, glass is put under severe stress which can propel broken fragments inside and outside the structure. When broken glass is held in tact by Optical Technology, the threat of damage and and injury is reduced and often eliminated. In violent weather, glass with safety film applied will minimize and in cases eliminate wind driven water, dramatically reducing insurance claims.

No one can argue that metal shutters are strong, but Optical Technology is a less expensive, a more attractive alternative and certainly more convenient than boarding up windows each time the wind begins to blow.

An intruder smashes a window or glass door. Within seconds he is in your home or business.

Optical Technology helps hold broken glass together thwarting the would-be burglar and providing extra time for authorities to respond. Safety film is a great security addition to help prevent smash and grab theft.